Non-toxic, Certified organic products that work for you and the planet

We are an environmental company. Our message is saving the planet and our selves. Our medium is making the best personal care products on earth. Vegan, cruelty-free and made with plants, not petroleum. Be pure, unadulterated and wild everyday.

Third-Party Certified & Transparent

Truth matters — that’s why we list every single ingredient on our packaging. Our third-party certification seals let you know that products are verified as 65-95% organic, cruelty-free and made with renewable energy. Organic certification is a long, costly process but we believe integrity is worth investing in. In fact, we also have a full-time staffer to ensure all ingredients, suppliers, formulations and partners live up to our standards.

We’re more than “natural” or “organic”

It only takes a few drops of an ingredient to put the word “natural” — even “organic” — on a product label. Petroleum is “natural,” but not healthy, safe or eco-friendly. The beauty industry is self-regulated. Companies don’t have to list every ingredient used in a product or do safety testing. That’s just not us.

Harmonically Made*

Unfortunately, not all products can be certified due to ingredients needed for the product to perform its primary function. Harmonically Made indicates:

  • Minimum of 80% naturally derived ingredients from plants with the exact % listed on back of pack

  • 100% certified organic aroma

  • The highest organic % possible to support formula function and price

  • All ingredients verified for authenticity and safety

  • No unnecessary fillers for reduced footprint

*To achieve a USDA or Cosmos Seal, the water in shampoos/conditioners would need to be a “specialty water (i.e.rose or lavender) which increases the price dramatically along with the overall environmental footprint to harvest, manufacture and ship that “specialty water.” A specialty water is NOT needed to be delightful and functional and would result in more waste, greenhouse gases and a higher price to you. The most responsible path is reflective in the Harmonically Made seal.


Packaging & Practices

Sustainable packaging is tricky. Glass is infinitely and readily recyclable, but heavy to transport. Maximizing the post-consumer recycled content reduces plastic consumption, but also the wow-factor of your boudoir. Then there are packaging choices that keep air out, so we can keep preservatives out, too.

It’s all taken into account when package any product. Questions? Contact us to learn more about a specific product package.

Founded by Horst Rechelbacher

Intelligent Nutrients was created by “the father of Safe Cosmetics” and Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher. As a salon owner and world-famous hairdresser, he was the first to see the ill health effects beauty products had on stylists. With no safe alternatives, he made his own, introducing the concepts of plant-based products, aromatherapy and environmental impact into the world of beauty.

Horst sold Aveda to pursue the mission of next-level certified organic, sustainable, inside-and-out beauty. In 2008, IN revealed the first USDA certified organic hair care line. It broke new ground to revolutionize the beauty industry again. Today the company is led by his wife Kiran Stordalen and daughter Nicole Rechelbacher, who were instrumental since day one.

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We’re for Pollinators

There’s ample evidence that pesticides are contributing to colony collapse. If it continues, our food supply and planetary life will be close behind. Yet another reason why organic really does matter.

Our founder’s legacy continues daily with the HMR Pollinator Project. The University of Minnesota Bee Squad supports a pollinator habitat on the Osceola Farm. It will be a learning site for scientists, beekeepers, students and educators. Proceeds from our commemorative See and Seek aromas support the Pollinator Project efforts.

We’re for Oceans

It’s a tough time to be a major body of water. From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to over fishing, environmental concerns don’t stop where the land does.

Our marine ingredients are sustainable, too. That can mean limits on yearly dives, equipment or people, harvest and collection times, and absolutely no use of heat or chemicals. This preserves the area ecosystem as well as the sea life that depends on it. The least intervention, the better.

Our clean water commitment has always included using only plant-based exfoliation alternatives vs. conventional plastic microbeads that pollute water, disrupt the aquatic food chain and mutate fish.

Think global. Act local.

The world is our muse, magician, reason for being and constant source of wonder. We pioneer, source ingredients and work with farmers all over the world to gather the most effective, pure and potent plant ingredients. We synergize these ingredients and support local business with the manufacturing of our products in plants throughout the United States.

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Intelligent Nutrients is proud to be a MADE SAFE™ Ingredient Supporter.


  • Support and value ingredient research.

  • Are part of an ongoing conversation between scientists, innovators, NGOs, forward-thinking brands and consumers around safer products, ingredients and supply-chain sourcing.

  • Are committed to the health of our customers, their families, and ecosystems.

  • Work with MADE SAFE to screen select ingredients for human health and multiple ecosystem endpoints.

  • Support MADE SAFE’s mission to change the way products are made in this country for the healthier.

MADE SAFE is America’s first nontoxic certification for consumer products across categories. In addition to certification, MADE SAFE works with companies on ingredient research, green chemistry approaches, and innovative solutions to make products as healthy as possible.

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